People make targets and goals to achieve in life and sometimes these goals are based on the achievements of a role model. But when you are about to do what no one else has attempted before, you are forced to set your own standards and continually try to better yourself and set new targets for improvement. Balaji Jayaraj is a person who does this consistently and is absolutely peerless.

Right from my school days, in St. John’s International Residential School, Chennai and High School at SBOA Higher Secondary School, Chennai, I always had a penchant towards Physical Fitness. I got myself involved in Martial Arts and Cricket, where I had represented Kanchipuram District. My main focus towards fitness and personality development gained leverage during my under graduate education at Loyola College in Chennai. I was involved in College’s modeling team and which landed me a few projects for modeling to a couple of notable brands.

Mr. Jayaraj continued to be a multi-tasker and decided to pursue his post graduate MBA at Coventry University (London Campus). To make the most of his educational stay in the UK, he contributed to an advertising agency as a part-time project manager. Currently pursuing PhD in the subject area High Performance Organisation with Lincoln University of College, Malaysia. After completing his education, he returned to Chennai and helped several other students also to achieve their dream of gaining higher education abroad through his Spatikam Overseas Education Training and Consultancy.


To gain further international experience in even more challenging situations, Balaji travelled to Dublin, Ireland to pursue his second post graduate degree in Management Practice at the Dublin Business School. While he won a scholarship for this course, he was also awarded the best Indian Student of Dublin Business School. Upon returning to India in 2016, he worked with Raini Industries Private Limited in the position of Director.

  • Assessing the contributions he made during these talks and training programs, he tried to find a better way to disseminate the knowledge he has gained.
  • Taking inspiration from his multi-tasking ability, he got an idea while he was modeling for products and shooting television advertisements.

Anger Management


Healthy Personality


Self Confidence


Positive Thinking


Public Speaking



Failure is only a Temporary Change in direction to set you Straight for your Next Success
Your body is a reflection of what your are.
If you want to look healthy you will have to be healthy.


Everything starts within your own mind.
Your thoughts, Attitude and Determination are all essential for success.
Mental toughness, confidence and a positive attitude are key to success in the gym.


The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do
Your body can stand almost anything.
It’s your mind that you have to convince.